Pinter Resources

Harold Pinter  has a web site dedicated to his work.  It includes an archive of significant productions and transcripts of his Nobel Lecture.  It also includes selections of poetry.

The New York Times featured this article about Pinter as not just a master of language, but one with a unique sense of rhythm, movement and space.   

One day following his death, Johann Hari wrote an article for the Huffington Post harshly criticizing Pinter as a writer and political presence, alluding stronger to Pinter as a misogynist, polemicist and criticizing his defense of Slobodan Milosovic.  

Here is a link to more of Pinter’s brutal poetry.

Another America: The Journal is a resource with information on descenting writers, including Donald Freed, Ronald Harwood and Harold Pinter.  This link features Pinter’s essays, responses to the Iraq occupation, and retrospectives on Pinter’s work as a director and actor.   

And here is Harold Pinter’s interview with Charlie Rose.


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