Mpls Pinter Studies

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Presenting in November 2008:  Mpls Pinter Shorts

Harold Pinter was the winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature.  He is one of the most important living voices in the theater.  His work has informed the dramatic form in all genres.   His menace and provocative dramatic imagery is gift a challenge for directors and actors alike.  We are happy to take on the challenge of presenting selections of Pinter’s short dramatic work.

Selected pieces include:  Landscape, Family Voices, Victoria Station, and others

Embarking on this journey are the following exciting directors and dramaturges: Robb Rossi, Jeffry Lusiak, Kit Gordon, Maggie Scanlan, Jason Brown, Max Mondi, Scotty Reynolds, Jeremy Catterton, Blake Bolan, Beth Cleary and Corrie Zoll

Please check for updates about performances and ways to get involved as we plan to showcase our efforts!


Here are some of our goals:

–Present rarely performed text from a vital theatrical voice touching themes of great importance

–Operate as a consensus of artists producing together, helmed by curator and producer Scotty Reynolds

–Foster collaboration, peer critique and relationship building among new and emerging theatre artists

–Present multiple projects representing a range of aesthetics and approaches surrounding the work of Harold Pinter

–Provide a theoretical and dramaturgical backbone for each project and for the benefit of collaborating artists and actors, encouraging deep exploration of the text, vernacular and dialogue

–Use a multi-venue environment that provides for multiple configurations for viewing and examining Pinter’s work

–Provide each artist with an archive of the festival (photos, possible short video segments)


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  1. Sounds like an awesome event!

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