Pinter in “One for the Road”

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For our series Maggie Scanlan is directing One for the Road, featuring Michael Ooms, Kevin Gersen and Sheila Regan.  



In 2001, Pinter himself acted in a New York production of his play.  Here is a review of that production from the New York Times:

Also, Michael Billington, a Pinter biographer, interviewed the playwright right before he acted in the above production.  Here is that interview from The Guardian:


Pinter Receives a Letter . . .

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In 1967, an anonymous woman, confused and frustrated after watching a production of one of Harold Pinter’s earliest plays, The Birthday Party, wrote a letter to the playwright:

Dear Sir,

I would be obliged if you would kindly explain to me the meaning of your play The Birthday Party.  These are the points which I do not understand: 1. Who are the two men? 2. Where did Stanley come from? 3. Were they all supposed to be normal?  You will appreciate that without the answers to my questions I cannot fully understand your play.

Pinter responded to the letter with the following:

Dear Madam,

I would be obliged if you would kindly explain to me the meaning of your letter.  These are the points which I do not understand: 1. Who are you? 2. Where do you come from? 3. Are you supposed to be normal?  You will appreciate that without the answers to these questions I cannot fully understand your letter.


Source: London Daily Mail (11/28/1967)

Pinter’s Nobel Lecture!

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In 2005, Harold Pinter was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Upon hearing that he would be the recipent of this most prestigious award, he was interviewed by Marika Griehsel, a freelance journalist, on October 13, 1985. Here is a transcript of their conversation:

– Hello. Good morning.
– Good morning, good morning, Mr Pinter. Congratulations. I’m calling from the official website of the Nobel Foundation.
– Yes. Well, thank you very much.
– It’s fantastic news for us here; and I would like to hear what your thoughts were when you received the news.
– Well, I’ve … I’ve been absolutely speechless. I am … I’m overwhelmed by the news, very deeply moved by the news. But I can’t really articulate what I feel.
– You didn’t have any idea it could come your way, did you?
– No idea whatsoever! No. So I’m just bowled over.
– There’s so much to talk about. But I would like just to ask you what, in your career, you think has been the most important, what has the most …
– I cannot answer … I can’t answer these questions.
– No, I understand.
– There’s nothing more I can say, except that I am deeply moved; and, as I say, I have no words at the moment. I shall have words by the time I get to Stockholm.
– You will be coming to Stockholm?
– Oh, yes.
– Okay. Thank you, Sir.
– Okay?
– Thank you.
– Thank you very much.
– Thank you.

To read Pinter’s fascinating Nobel Lecture, check out:

Or, to see the video of his lecture, check out:

Director Jeffry Lusiak interviewed on KFAI

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John Townsend and Dixie Treichel invited Jeffry Lusiak onto their weekly queer radio show, Fresh Fruit.  Fresh Fruit is a signature program on community radio station KFAI, the longest running queer radio program in the US, and one of the best sources for Minneapolis arts coverage!

In the Mpls Pinter Studies, Jeffry Lusiak is directing Family Voices.   He is transforming a section of the building into an audio installation as the world of Harold Pinter’s 1980 radio play is excavated with distorted memories, fregmented objects and letters from a mother and son yearning to connect. 

Also featured on the show are local director, Claire Avitable and Edward Albee! 

Here’s a link to the archive!  It will be available for two weeks!


Gearing up for performance! Make a reservation!

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We’ve been making a lot of discoveries!  Moving our laboratory into the Colonial Warehouse Building, Pinter’s words are bringing intriege and suspense into common spaces.

Seating is limited, so make a reservation today (no you will not have to sit on the floor).

Call 612.619.2112

Here are some pictures (many thanks to Ty Sassman)!  


Camilla leads the company through the catacombs of the building in Terry Hempleman's "The Black and White"


Todd Janssen rehearses Blake E. Bolan's These are the Men


The company observes a rehearsal


Sheila Regan rehearses Maggie Scanlan's One for the Road


Michael Ooms rehearses "One for the Road"


Jeffry Lusiak listens carefully to his audio installation "Family Voices"

Jeffry Lusiak listens carefully to his audio installation "Family Voices"

Opening Weekend PARTY!!! Friday the 13th! BLOODY BOSSA NOVA

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Just one month away from our opening weekend, we’re please to announce the a party celebrating Harold Pinter and the indulgent and sly styles of the Swinging 60s!


Friday the 13th at 9:30 

at the Interact Center 

212 3rd Avenue North 


Following the performance, enter thorough the Inside Out Gallery on North 2nd Street.

The evening will feature live music by the Burlingham Children (Amy Hager and Jacob Mullins, the unmistable front duo and songwriters of Fort Wilson Riot) and Suzanne Vallie (the Ukulele star of Mike Gunther and His Restless Souls).  As well as go-go dancers and the pulse of legendary DJ HIPSHAKER (check him out every third thursday at Jitters).

Dress up and enjoy our fancy beverages.  We’ll be swinging into the small hours of the morning.

DON’T FORGET seating is very limited for performances of the MPLS PINTER STUDIES.  Please call for reservations.  612.619.2112


Check out our PRESS RELEASE!!!

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Our check out our press release.  Click on the page on the right hand margin.